Why Choose Frontline Martial Arts ?

Our instructors all whole-heartedly enjoy training in all aspects of the martial arts, therefore our level of enthusiasm and commitment to training is equal to, if not better than, you will find elsewhere.

Frontline Martial Arts recognises grades from other schools, of any style (with proof of grade), and are happy for you to resume your training at that level. We don't expect you to start from scratch again, but encourage you to train at a level at which you feel comfortable.

Senior grades, from all styles, are actively encouraged to pass on their knowledge of the arts. The more widespread the knowledge base, the better the training.

Our fees are more than reasonable. The instructors at Frontline Martial Arts all have full time employment, so do not see the school as a source of income. Any profits made from the school are spent on equipment and training facilities for the school. 

Our instructors hold coaching qualifications and are Criminal Records Bureau checked, for teaching students of all ages.

So, if you are looking for effective martial arts training but are put off by excessive costs, “blinkered” training, the pressure of contracts or Draconian instructors, then drop by and see us. We'll be more than happy to talk about training and you can give us a try. Then, whether or not you want to continue with us is up to you !!!

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TRY IT FOR FREE. Drop by and arrange a free lesson.

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