What We Stand For

In our opinion, the martial arts in general, and Taekwondo in particular since Olympic recognition, now place too much emphasis on sport.

The martial arts were originally developed as both an exercise regime, designed to keep the body healthy, and as a system of self-defence. We believe that these sides of the martial arts have become neglected in modern day training.

That is not to say that sports martial arts do not have a role to play, in teaching tactical awareness and speed of movement, but we believe that too many organisations have lost sight of the real reasons why the martial arts originated.

We aim to ensure that the true spirit of the martial arts are taught, alongside the sporting element. Our aim is to produce “fully rounded” martial artists - those who are equipped to succeed in life, not just in a tournament ring. 


We also believe that the soul of martial arts training has been lost, with the rise of the "professional instructor".

In our opinion, it is only possible to make a comfortable living from martial arts instruction by : 

. sacrificing your standards to keep students,
. compromising safety by having too many people train at one time,
. tying students into restrictive contracts / conditions or
. charging excessive fees for instruction.

Our instructors have no intention of using the school as a source of income, therefore the school has no reason to make these compromises. Our standards can stay high while our fees remain low.