"Mighty Mites" Juniors
Ages 5 - 9 Ages 10 - 15
Fridays: 4:30 - 5:15pm Mondays: 7:15 - 8:15pm
Alveston Youth Centre Alveston Youth Centre
Greenhill, Alveston Greenhill, Alveston
BS35 2QX BS35 2QX

Frontline Martial Arts has a thriving section of younger martial artists.

Many parents recognise the health benefits of martial arts training, especially at a time when children lead increasingly sedentary lives. Childhood weight problems are increasingly in the spot-light and training in an aerobic "hard" style of martial arts is increasingly being seen as the perfect way to combat these health problems. Couple this with the increased self-esteem and self-confidence which training in the martial arts have traditionally brought, and it is no surprise that many parents are looking to encourage their children to take up martial arts training.

The instructors at Frontline Martial Arts try to adopt a relaxed atmosphere to the lessons. That way, the students will, hopefully, be more relaxed and enjoy their training. That doesn't mean that training is undisciplined. The martial arts are contact arts / sports, so discipline must be maintained in order to keep training safe. This, in turn, promotes respect for the arts, respect for others and, importantly, self-respect.

We recommend training from age five or above. However, if a child of 4 is mentally and physically mature enough, they will also be welcome.

There are 2 classes for the youngsters.

In Alveston,the "Mighty Mites", offers training for ages 5 - 9 giving a balance of sports martial arts, self-defence and fun !

The Juniors class offers the next step for ages 10 - 15 (and higher grade under 10s), before joining the adults / teens class.


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So, what do some of the current crop of youngsters and their parents have to say about training with Frontline Martial Arts ?

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