The Great and the Good, who have graced our training over the years ...

or, maybe, "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly". You decide which is which ...


Senhor Paulo Ferreira - 3rd Dan

Self defence Specialist.

Mr Billy Pallett - 3rd Dan

Former USNTF and Illinois State champion.
Trained under former WTF World champion.

Mr Jason Pittaway - 1st Dan

Multi-time British champion.
Former member of BTCB, BTF & BTU national teams.

Mr Garry Vowles - 2nd Dan

The "knock-out King" !
Also holds the "distinction" of having been disqualified
from more contests than the rest put together !!

Mr Mark Coombs - 2nd Dan

Former National Medallist
Also trained in Free-style Kickboxing
Nationally recognised sports coach

Mr Andy Morris - 2nd Dan

Trained in WTF and ITF style Taekwondo
Former "Ninja Ninos" coach

Mr David Kingsland-Wain - 1st Dan

ABA Boxing coach

Mr Connor French - 2nd Dan

Experienced in both WTF and ITF style Taekwondo.
Multi-time junior ITF style champion.
Also trained in Free-style Kickboxing and Aikido.

Miss Demelza Emmerton - 1st Dan

Mr Richard Legg - 2nd Dan

Former National Medallist
Nationally recognised sports coach.

Mr Jacob Ford - 1st Dan

Mister Jacob Ford - 1st Dan